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    • SWE Quiz got me a job with a $50k pay increase. Probably one of the highest ROI decisions of my life.

      Software Engineer at Google
    • Saved me on my Meta interview. Interviewer asked me some caching trivia since I was joining a distributed systems team and 3 of the questions were straight from SWE Quiz.

      A. Jung
      Software Engineer at Meta
    • Airbnb asked me a few auth questions at the end of one of my technical interviews. I got them all right. I can confidently say SWE Quiz was the main reason why.

      Software Engineer at Airbnb
    • Really useful to be able to study system design on the go.

      Sourish A.
      Software Engineer at Meta
    • Helped me get an internship at a top trading firm, which asked a bunch of DB and networking trivia.

      Rohan H.
      EECS PhD Student at UC Berkeley
    • Filled in tons of little gaps of practical software engineering knowledge that I had no idea was missing. It was super useful for increasing my confidence on my new team which worked on databases at AWS.

      A. Das
      SDE at Amazon

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